Stamped Washer Necklace


Metal Stamps (Harbor Freight Tools, about $5.00)



Black Permanent Marker

Scrapbook Paper

Mod Podge

Paper Glaze or Triple Thick

Jewlery Wire (tiger tail)

Bead Crimps


Optional: beads


1.  You will need to work on a hard, solid surface.  We chose the garage floor.  Place your washer on the floor and line up your stamp.  Hold the stamp firmly by the base and hammer it a few times.  It will take some practice to get your technique down.  Continue this process until your word is stamped on the washer.

2.  Use a black permanent marker to color in the letters.  Wipe any excess ink away with a baby wipe or paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol.

3.  Optional: Choose a decorative paper for the back side of your washer.  Trace the washer onto the paper and cut it out.  Mod podge the paper onto the washer and let dry.  If there are messy edges, use fine grit sand paper to sand them away.  Apply a layer of Triple Thick or Pper Glaze and let dry.

4. Cut wire to desired length and add clasps. Optional: add a bead on a piece of wire to dangle in the middle of the washer.  Fold wire in half, slip through the bead and then through the hole in the washer, and back between both strands to finish it off.

Enjoy all of the compliments on your new, personalized necklace!

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