Bleach Design T-shirts


(darker colors- black, brown, navy- work best, and really thick shirts are a bit trickier to get the effect)

Spray bottle with half bleach/half water mixture

Metal Cross or design (Hobby Lobby) OR, create a stencil using sticker paper or contact paper to make a design of your choice

Pail of Water

1. Lay the shirt outside in the grass or on drive way (fumes are yucky inside)

2. Place cross or stencil on front of shirt wherever you want. You can bunch up the shirt (away from the stencil) to give a different 'tie dye" effect OR switch the bottle to the stream setting to create a "line" effect

3. Don't stand too close to the shirt--and don't get it TOO wet, but spray the front of the shirt. Start with the mist setting and then change it to get the desired effect.

4. Give it a few minutes (2-3 minutes or so) to let the color change from bleach.

5. Flip the shirt over and use the spray bleach/water to give the tie dye effect on back, too

6. Rinse the shirt in a pail of water as soon as desired color is reached. (switch out the water every 2-3 shirts)

7. Place shirt in the washer ASAP to stop the bleach process before it eats through fabric

8. After the shirt has been washed and dried, you can add rhinestones to your design with E6000 Glue (Wal-Mart or craft store).... just handwash or wash on delicate/handwash cycle and airdry.

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