Domino or Scrabble Pendant


Domino or Srabble Tile

Modge Podge

Aanraku (glue-on) bail (


Aileen's Paper Glaze (Michael's) or
EnviroTex Lite (Hobby Lobby) or
Triple Thick (Hobby Lobby)

Decorative paper, stickers

Small paint brush

Craft Knife


1. Pick a paper for the background of your pendant.

2. Paint a thin layer of Modge Podge on the plain side of the domino or scrabble tile.

3. Place the glue side of the domino or scrabble tile on the blank side of the paper. Make sure you place it behind the area of the paper that you would like to be on your pendant.

4. Let dry 20 minutes

5. Use scissors or a craft knife to carefully trim around the edges of your domino or scrabble tile.

6. Decorate your domino or scrabble tile. Use more paper, stickers, rhinestones, etc. Be creative!

7. Choose one of the following:
Paper Glaze -Starting on the outer edge and working in, carefully apply a layer of glaze over the domino or scrabble tile . If any small bubbles appear, pop them with a needle.
Triple Thick- apply several thin coats with a small brush letting dry between coats.
EnviroTex- mix according to directions and use a medicine dropper to apply a thin coat.

8. Let dry until glaze is clear and hard (approx 24 hrs).

9. Use E6000 to glue a glue-on bail to the back of your pendant.

10. Let dry and enjoy your new creation!

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