APRIL Art and Soul

12" x 18" (or 12" x 24") sheet metal, pre-cut at Lowe's (I prefer the thinner metal, about $5)
Fabric of your choice
Glue gun
any embellishments you want to add

1. Cut the fabric to wrap around the metal sheet. With your glue gun, secure the fabric on the back of the metal, wrapping the metal like a package.

2. Cut your ribbon to allow enough length to hang your board. Secure with the glue gun on the back of the metal. Be sure and glue all the way to the top edge on the back.

3. Cut another piece of ribbon for the front of the magnetic board. Tie a knot in the middle, and cut each end to look pretty--with a "V" sorta look on the end. Using hot glue on the knot and each end, secure to the front of the magnetic board at the top.

4. OPTIONAL: you can add a button over the knot, ribbon or ric rac along the bottom--or an iron-on letter--any other idea to make it pretty!

5. You can buy magnets OR use glass beads with scrapbook paper mod podged behind the glass and a magnet hot glued to the back. You can also mod podge scrapbook paper on the front of a clothes pin and hot glue a magnet on the back to create a magnet.