Stamped Washer Necklace


Metal Stamps (Harbor Freight Tools, about $5.00)



Black Permanent Marker

Scrapbook Paper

Mod Podge

Paper Glaze or Triple Thick

Jewlery Wire (tiger tail)

Bead Crimps


Optional: beads


1.  You will need to work on a hard, solid surface.  We chose the garage floor.  Place your washer on the floor and line up your stamp.  Hold the stamp firmly by the base and hammer it a few times.  It will take some practice to get your technique down.  Continue this process until your word is stamped on the washer.

2.  Use a black permanent marker to color in the letters.  Wipe any excess ink away with a baby wipe or paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol.

3.  Optional: Choose a decorative paper for the back side of your washer.  Trace the washer onto the paper and cut it out.  Mod podge the paper onto the washer and let dry.  If there are messy edges, use fine grit sand paper to sand them away.  Apply a layer of Triple Thick or Pper Glaze and let dry.

4. Cut wire to desired length and add clasps. Optional: add a bead on a piece of wire to dangle in the middle of the washer.  Fold wire in half, slip through the bead and then through the hole in the washer, and back between both strands to finish it off.

Enjoy all of the compliments on your new, personalized necklace!

Domino or Scrabble Pendant


Domino or Srabble Tile

Modge Podge

Aanraku (glue-on) bail (


Aileen's Paper Glaze (Michael's) or
EnviroTex Lite (Hobby Lobby) or
Triple Thick (Hobby Lobby)

Decorative paper, stickers

Small paint brush

Craft Knife


1. Pick a paper for the background of your pendant.

2. Paint a thin layer of Modge Podge on the plain side of the domino or scrabble tile.

3. Place the glue side of the domino or scrabble tile on the blank side of the paper. Make sure you place it behind the area of the paper that you would like to be on your pendant.

4. Let dry 20 minutes

5. Use scissors or a craft knife to carefully trim around the edges of your domino or scrabble tile.

6. Decorate your domino or scrabble tile. Use more paper, stickers, rhinestones, etc. Be creative!

7. Choose one of the following:
Paper Glaze -Starting on the outer edge and working in, carefully apply a layer of glaze over the domino or scrabble tile . If any small bubbles appear, pop them with a needle.
Triple Thick- apply several thin coats with a small brush letting dry between coats.
EnviroTex- mix according to directions and use a medicine dropper to apply a thin coat.

8. Let dry until glaze is clear and hard (approx 24 hrs).

9. Use E6000 to glue a glue-on bail to the back of your pendant.

10. Let dry and enjoy your new creation!

Bottle Cap Necklaces (or Magnets)


One inch circle punch (Hobby Lobby OR Creative Memories)

Scrapbook Paper

Mod Podge

Embellishments- cross stickers, bling letters, flowers, etc.


Small Magnets (Joann's or

Enviro-Tex Lite or Triple Thick (Hobby Lobby) or Aileen's Paper Glaze (Michael's)

Black, queen size trouser socks (Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart)

Small washers (Lowe's, Wal-Mart)


1. With a one inch circle punch , you can punch out a picture, scrap book paper, or any other clip art you want to print--the one inch diameter from the punch fits perfectly in the bottom of the cap! Use Mod Podge to glue to bottom of cap.

2. Add any embellishments you want. Be sure they are all mod podged or stuck on there well.

3. Using E-6000, glue a small magnet to the back of the bottle cap.

4. Place your bottle cap in a wax-paper lined cookie sheet.

5. Mix up a small amount of Enviro-Tex Lite--this is a resin that will dry hard and clear, and using a medicine dropper, pour a bit of the resin into your bottle cap. You can also use Diamond Glaze or Aileen's Paper Glaze or Triple Thickto add a clear coat into your bottle caps.

6. Cut up black trouser socks into strips, and stretch. Once stretched a bit they will curl up nicely to hide bad cutting..... loop a small washer into the center of your black strip, and you'll have the choker look. OR, purchase black leather cord to give you a longer length.

7. You can skip the necklace part and just use these for magnets. OR, skip the magnet and use them on your scrapbook pages!!!!

Bleach Design T-shirts


(darker colors- black, brown, navy- work best, and really thick shirts are a bit trickier to get the effect)

Spray bottle with half bleach/half water mixture

Metal Cross or design (Hobby Lobby) OR, create a stencil using sticker paper or contact paper to make a design of your choice

Pail of Water

1. Lay the shirt outside in the grass or on drive way (fumes are yucky inside)

2. Place cross or stencil on front of shirt wherever you want. You can bunch up the shirt (away from the stencil) to give a different 'tie dye" effect OR switch the bottle to the stream setting to create a "line" effect

3. Don't stand too close to the shirt--and don't get it TOO wet, but spray the front of the shirt. Start with the mist setting and then change it to get the desired effect.

4. Give it a few minutes (2-3 minutes or so) to let the color change from bleach.

5. Flip the shirt over and use the spray bleach/water to give the tie dye effect on back, too

6. Rinse the shirt in a pail of water as soon as desired color is reached. (switch out the water every 2-3 shirts)

7. Place shirt in the washer ASAP to stop the bleach process before it eats through fabric

8. After the shirt has been washed and dried, you can add rhinestones to your design with E6000 Glue (Wal-Mart or craft store).... just handwash or wash on delicate/handwash cycle and airdry.