Framed Initials (February Art and Soul Project)

Frame of your choice (Dollar Tree 8"x10" is what we used)
Paint or scrapbook paper to decoupage the frame
Paint brushes
Black initial of choice (we cut ours on our Cricut)
Triple Thick
Mod Podge if you are decoupaging
Embellishments of your choice
Ribbon to hang the frame from
Hot glue gun

1. Paint the top of your letter with triple thick. (can use mod podge, although not as glossy a finish, or any other paper glaze product).

2. Set letter aside, and take your frame apart. Either paint or decoupage the frame to your liking.

3. Glue the letter to the glass of the frame using triple thick.

4. Decorate around your letter with embellishments, using either mod podge or hot glue, depending on embellishments. Rub-on's work GREAT, as well as ribbon, buttons, stickers, etc.

5. Place the glass back into the frame.

6. Using your glue gun, place a ribbon (with or without bow) at the top of the frame for hanging.

7. OPTION: you can spell out a whole word, and hang letters together. OR, take a curtain rod, and hang the letters onto it to spell a word. If you choose the curtain rod, I'd make a loop of your ribbon at the top of the frame, then place onto the rod, and tie a bow at the top of the loop near the rod to secure.

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