September Art and Soul Project

September Art and Soul Project

This one was a huge hit--and you girls did some amazing projects.  As always, we LOVE seeing how you take the project and put your own twists on it.  Again--if you missed it, this will be one of the projects at the CREATE Christmas event at Church at the Cross in Grapevine on November 5th, from 9 am - 1 pm.

6" x 24" x 1/2" MDF or wood--from Lowes (they have pre-cut wood available or can cut MDF for you)
4 1/2" square wood pieces--you will need 4 for each project--from Hobby Lobby  OR order 4" squares from Woodworks Ltd website

Miniature clothes pins (Hobby Lobby) 

Scrapbook paper--12" cut in half and trimmed to fit

Acrylic paint 

Mod Podge

Ribbon (about 12-14" long)

Hot glue and gun

Gorilla Glue or Wood glue (Lowes or Hob Lob)

1.  Paint the edges of the long board.  You MAY want to paint on the top too so that you can cut your scrapbook paper to go on top without having to fit all the way to the edges.

2. Paint the 4 square wood pieces--OR you could decoupage them with the scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.

3.  Paint the clothes pins.  One of our handy crafters clipped hers on the edge of a plastic cup to paint.  PERFECT!

4.  Using the mod podge--decoupage your scrapbook paper on top of the long board.  your paper is 12" and the wood board is 24"--so you will put 2 pieces on top, therefore having a seam in the middle.  You can trim the edges to fit and/or use sandpaper to help you get the edgest trimmed perfectly.

5.  Using the gorilla glue, adhere the square wood pieces to the long board.  Now, some girls only did 3 wood squares, or put their squares down as diamonds or even staggered them a little crooked, alternating directions.  ENDLESS possibilities!

6.  Using hot glue, adhere a clothes pin to the middle of each square--at the top of the square.

7.  Also using hot glue, adhere the ribbon at the top of the long board for hanging.  Be sure and glue all the way to the edge of the board to help it hang straight.  I did my ribbon, and then went back and tied a bow halfway in the ribbon.

8.  You can trim your photos to fit within the square--or not!  You could also use this board for recipes or Scripture cards.  AND, if you wanted to--you could do a second board, and attach it to the bottom of the first one using ribbon!


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