September Art and Soul--Wall Paper Wall Art


16" x 20" canvas (any size works)--Hobby Lobby, Michael's, JoAnn's
Textured paintable wall paper--Lowe's (we used ceiling tile pattern)
Staple gun
Acrylic paint--I like Anita's brand at Hobby Lobby
Optional: second acrylic paint color for "glaze" (black, dark brown, metallic)
Big paint brush
water in a cup
Cross or letter embellishment--Hobby Lobby (we love 50% off)
E6000 OR gorilla glue

1. Unroll your wall paper and cut to size to cover your canvas, plus some overlap for the back to staple. Using your staple gun on the back of the canvas, TIGHTLY staple the wallpaper to the canvas. Order doesn't matter--but doing top and bottom, then the sides--or the sides then top and bottom helps. Handle the corners by wrapping like a package--hospital corners.
2. Paint the canvas in the color of your choice. Use a big brush! You can cover completely (working hard to get in the crevices) or cover lightly, using multiple colors. Your choice! Keep a cup of water near by to help you wet your brush slightly--makes the crevices easier to cover. Don't forget the sides of the canvas.
3. If necessary, do a second coat. (especially important if using red or another similar color)
4. Once that is dry completely, you can do a "glaze" by using a second color. Water your brush a LOT, and paint the second color on all over. Using your rags, rag off the top color to your taste.
5. When that coat is dry, adhere your cross or letter with E6000 or gorilla glue. If you have a heavy cross, you may need to purchase an epoxy to adhere.

Note: if you purchase a wood letter, you can paint it or mod podge it with tissue paper or scrapbook paper before you adhere it. Another alternative is lightweight metal words such as "faith" that can be found at Hobby Lobby.


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  2. Sorry I can't make this one. Its my Mom's birthday! I'll be eating German Chocolate Cake instead!!

  3. Ok, for some reason this did not take my first entry....I will be making 1 canvas.


  4. I want to come and make 1 canvass with a cross on it. I am fine with earth tones.
    Christy Barker

  5. Sorry, Rachel and I won't be able to make it after all :\ Next month for sure! Y'all have fun!

  6. Hey Girlies! I would love to come but I believe that Kris is going to the preseason game tonight so that means Allie and I are home by ourselves. Are you going to post the directions?

  7. I'm in and I'll make an embellished canvas. Sounds fun!